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SIEM REAP ~ Cambodia

Predator.... amazing! But can never challenge my REAL Predator (the right one!)

Tomb Rider....

22nd ~ 27th. August 2016
Syukur kepadaNya telah selamat pergi dan selamat balik ke Malaysia... ke rumah.

My flight was at 8.35am. It was my last minute booking which booked on 21st. August cost me Flight & hotel (Air Asia Go) RM1,400.
My current exchange was USD500 = MYR2,007.50.

It took 2 hrs to arrive... not really big airport easy to discover!
I stayed at the 5 stars voted hotel by tripadvisor : Popular Residence Hotel. Free return Airport Transfer.
Boarding is a boring part... but for those, which time is not precious then boarding always safe them! 

For those who intend to go there please take my advise...
Visiting Temples : (Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom, Bayon etc)
Don't wear sexy clothes or you may not allowed to enter those places.
If you can visit in just one day then ok to buy one day pass which costs USD20 per person. For 3 STRAIGHT 3 days it costs you USD 40. You have good stamina to walk all day... 2 days is enough to discover all. One day... I don't think so! It takes 3 hrs for me to discover Angkot Wat... just Angkor Wat! Take a break during lunch hour going back to city... do some massage! Then back to the temple to see Breakang which got elephant ride! It is USD20 per person.
Bring along some drinks, rain coat (light material) and some sweets!... for yourself not to give away! It is not allowed to give sweet/candy to the children.

This is Siem Reap 

Swimming pool...


Padi luvs vase

My hotel provide free one way shuttle to city (only 2.3km away) by Tuk tuk. Or you can use bicycle for free at any time! Beware of dogs along the way!
If you're in the city and you want to go back to your hotel just pay USD2. But if you want to use Tuk tuk for the whole day (8hrs) going to Kampung Phluk or Temples it costs USD15-20. I suggest you take same Tuk tuk for how many days of your stay. So you can averagely pay USD15 per day without entra charge! Because sometime you may be late and take extra time from the 8 hrs rental time.
We use Tuk-tuk as our daily transport ~ cheap & enjoy the view

Better to stand by USD1 note as many as you can. Or you keep USD5 and the largest note of USD20. Easy for your transaction here and they expect you to give some tips. I think it won't be any problem for European & American because all transactions here is in USD. Compare to myself it costs lots of money because to get a small bottle of mineral water I have to spent MYR4 which is similar to USD1. What about tips? Ouch!!!

Siem Reap is not a big city so not many Shopping complex here. Like I said before, transaction all in USD so everything consider expensive here. I found that most are imported from other countries including my country! If you want to buy some drinks or snacks better go to the small shop along the way to your hotel! It is .60-75 cents compare to USD1-2 per bottle of drink.
If you looking for souvenirs yeah there're many places in town like PUB Street, Night Market, Old Market which selling almost the same items. You must check that not all items made in Cambodia. Most of them are from China & Vietnam. The best hour to shop is in the morning or the time they want to close. They will ask double price and you need to bargain up to 60% because the actual price is always less 50-60% from what they offer you. And it is not difficult to bargain... you may leave the shop if they don't agree with your price. Normally they will ask you to come back and agreed with your price.

As I'm Muslim so food is limited... I need to get to Muslim area. There is a Mosque and the only one I think with few restaurants along the street. Not far from city centre it takes about 20 minutes. Use waze and type Mei Gui Guesthouse. And the restaurant infront of this guesthouse is the cheapest and serves delicious foods. (I tried other restaurant but this is better).

The best buy mineral water or drink Coconut because more hygience. Don't drink fresh drink along the street even there are many choice of fruits. They blend the fruit with plain water which is refill in the empty bottle... the colour of the plain water is not as clear as mineral water. We don't know whether it is boiled or just raw water from some where! I don't blame them to do so but it is our consideration to make the best choice.

Compare to Vietnam, english communication is better here. Children in Siem Reap they easily understand even they don't go to school... I think because of they have exposed to the tourist since they were young. But cleanliness Vietnam is much better. The city is clean even better than Bandung. The city is more modern compare to Siem Reap with good facilities around. Nothing much to see here except the UNESCO building Angkor Wat and other temples. Not to be missed the entertainment from local Society... very talented.
Well hope you people out there get some tips from my writing & enjoy your holiday in Siem Reap!

Not to be missed entertainment

My first day visit to Angkor Wat...1.3km just to get to the entrance!

Along the river of  Kg. Pluk

Massive houses


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